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It happened in Sun Valley not so very long ago...

“Scammers targeting valley landowners with goal of fake sales” with a subtitle of “Sun Valley Board of Realtors warns of fraud scheme after a rash of failed attempts.” Let me point out a few things which need to be understood. The people who do this are not amateurs. They are using virtual private networks to communicate and hide their location. They could be anywhere. They can do this thousands of times per day. They rely on one simple truth of the real estate process – documents and information are easily available by anyone who can walk into a county recorders office and ask for a copy of a deed or other information. The only way to stop that is to have the document recorded by the county and also the commitment of a cryptographic hash immutably associated to that document to a private blockchain which is what our US patent # # 11,061,886describes. Once the document hash is added to the blockchain, it becomes the source of truth for the owner of the property. Any other version of the document is not recorded unless it’s recorded by the county and the use of altered documents to claim ownership is immediately halted as this can be verified by a simple drag and drop process into our or your website.

To continue reading the article, download it below.

Sun Valley Fake Transactions R
Download PDF • 996KB

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