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Blockchain for birth certificates and property deeds are the way of the future

Local governments from New York City, Vermont, and Illinois are beginning to realize the value and citizen service advantages of using blockchains to protect records such as property deeds and birth records. In this article from the New York Post dated May 16, 2022, New York City Mayor Eric Adams, a promoter of technology to lower administrative costs and deter fraudulent use of documents, makes his views known:

His comments included:

“To have, to use blockchain from everything — to look at deeds, to deal with birth certificates, other records, this is the way of the future and we’re excited about it,” Adams told a room full of investors on Monday.

“The stagnation, the inability of the government to have these partnerships between corporate entities and government is what’s keeping us back from solving so many problems,” Adams said.

Backers of the idea argue that storing one-of-a-kind government documents on a digital ledger — in a similar manner to NFTs — would cut down on administrative costs and fraud.

Other municipalities including Cook County, Illinois, and South Burlington, Vermont have experimented with using the blockchain for property deeds in recent years.

Adams has long promoted cryptocurrencies and related technologies, but Monday is the first time he has endorsed putting government documents on the blockchain.

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Read the full article here.

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