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What is supply chain?

Let us learn something from one of the best research organizations in the world. This excellent article from McKinsey research suggests that supply chain disruptions lasting one month or longer now occur every 3.7 years, on average. And these disruptions can have a steep price: they cost the average organization 45 percent of a year’s profits over the course of a decade.

If achieving structural resilience is the goal, the following techniques can help:

  1. Constructing a digital twin of the most critical parts of the supply chain, allowing for simulations and test cases.

  2. Creating and testing “what if” scenarios.

  3. Increasing data sharing with suppliers.

  4. Consider “ring fencing” a small part of the supply chain team.

Here is the pitch: there is no better SaaS product in the world than TruDoss, which uses our patented private distributed ledger (blockchain) to facilitate data sharing. We preserve immutable information which means regardless of how or where the information is shared with others, you can always trust and PROVE the original document is protected by TruDoss. No one can take your original document and create another version without detection.

Want to learn more? Contact me at TruDoss:, or visit the contact us page.

Click below to review the full article.

What is supply chain and how does it function_ _ McKinsey
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